March 25th

We "The Crazy Folkers" would like to thank all those MAD CRAZY PARTY ANIMALS who came to support us at the Kells bar in Seattle on St. Patricks day.

We would especially like to thank those of you who sent e-mail's and photos (much appreciated) we will be placing all these on the site soon to help the rest of you drunks remember what happened :)

If you want to book the crazy folkers for a private gig we charge $5,000,000 U.S.A. we can also be hired for free drink and a few hamsters.

The Crazy folkers would like to leave you today with a lot of love from us in Ireland to you where ever you may live.



 March 10th

Are You Bored?

Is this world dragging you down?

Are you sad because you think you've seen it all before?

If the answers to these questions are YES then you need to see 'The Crazy Folkers'

The Crazy Folkers are a folk band formed in Ireland not for the love of money but for the love of life. Their appearance on stage pushed the boundaries and frontiers of music beyond normal acceptable levels. This band tells it how it is. When they are playing on stage and the night is in full swing they are not part of the party - they are the party. Their interaction with the audience makes the audience part of the experience, they do not play to backing tracks, all their music is live and something different happens every time they play.

They whip the audience into a frenzy and do not apologise for the consequences. Watching The Crazy Folkers is reminiscent of watching bands from the 60's era who played not for chart success but for complete freedom from their surroundings.

Recently The Crazy Folkers played in Seattle in Kells Bar over St. Patrick's weekend they came light a gentle wind that blew into a fantastic storm - Seattle did not know what had hit it! Many people who were there were overwhelmed by the sheer power and poetry of the bands performance.

So you say you're bored!

You say this world is dragging you down!

You say you're sad!

Let us put a smile on your face - go see The Crazy Folkers and keep visiting this page for further updates on the band.

The Crazy Folkers are: -

Lead Vocal/Fiddle - The Corm

Banjo/Mandolin - Bernard Duffin

Flute/Uilean Pipes - John Duffin

Drums - Kevin McStocker

Guitar - Mal a la Mangina



 March 10th

If you are in Seattle for St Patricks Weekend, be sure to check out Kells Irish Pub for some great music from the Crazy Folkers band. The group play fiddles, uillean pipes, bodhrans, banjos, mandolines, guitars and many other instruments, so if you are in town call in for a pint or three with the craziest Irish band on the planet!
Click here to send the band an email.



 February 19th

Now for a bit of real on line fun. Here is the first of many Crazy Irish games to appear on line. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do. Feel free to visit the developers web site. They are an extremly bright gang of lads with lots of skills and ideas, so if your looking for a game developed for your site feel free to give them a shout. To visit their site goto CanDo Multimedia

Check it out by clicking the 'Play some CRAZY games!!' link on the left.



 February 12th

Take a look at the prototype version of our joke search engine. If your short of a few stories for the pub then take a look at these. If yo feel like submitting any jokes, e-mail them to me and I'll put them in the database.

Check it out by clicking the 'Read an Irish Joke' link on the left.



 February 22nd

We have just gone live with a prototype version of our search engine, tuned specifically for Irish pubs.

Check it out by clicking the 'Find a local pub' link on the left.



 February 21st

Hello all,

We here at Crazy IRISH are getting together a site that will challenge all other sites out there for anything to do with Irish entertainment, either in Northern Ireland, the Rebublic of Ireland or anywhere else in the world.

Over the coming  months we will be creating a large amount of useful information that will be available to viewers for no charge what-so-ever.  No animals or small children will be hurt in this process, so feel free to come back and check us out!